Love for Learning

St. Joseph’s Garden School makes sure children are guided, independent, disciplined and safe in our institution. It is a welcoming and vibrant community, where we cherish childhood, laughter, friendship and activity abound, knowing the Why, What and How. Self-paced learning process is followed to encourage children with their interests and trigger their highest potential academically and in sports. Hope you have got few insights into the positive and happy environment of St. Joseph’s Garden School. We look forward in welcoming you to our school and experiencing our vivid facilities offered.

The aim of our school is to develop the gifts and talents at every stage of a student’s life, not just the textbooks and exams but even beyond. We believe that the best education is the one that gives every child the opportunity to explore their creativity, participate in their community, build their characters and achieve their true potential. We follow CBSE curriculum which provides opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning.


Admission 2024-25