The curriculum we follow at the kindergarten level is based on a well-established international early learning curriculum practiced worldwide. We follow the Montessori approach that provides children with enduring intellectual capabilities. We provide concrete, multi-sensorial and relevant experiences. This being the Foundation stage, the curriculum is theme-based and activity oriented. Multi-sensory modes of learning are emphasized to encourage strengthening in language and communication, analytical thinking, gross and fine motor skills, emotional, social and creative Skills. Our curriculum planning also emphasizes overall development of children. We incorporate cross-curricular links, cooperative learning, conference learning, continuous provisions, and hands on activities in our daily teaching and learning.


We focus on effective learning through innovative practices and quality education for primary-level children. Students are empowered to think critically, communicate effectively and move ahead with the thought process required to be global citizens. The primary program is designed to be dynamic, challenging, and personalized. We aim to cultivate critical thinking in every child. Through problem-solving and chance-determination methods, we impart decision-making skills and enable them to develop reasoning and logical thinking. The curriculum is student centered, activity-based, and experiential in nature. We believe children learn best in a safe, joyful, and intellectually stimulating environment. Thus, primary school students are also offered an enriching program of trips and visits for hands-on experience. We encourage children to become active and independent learners willing to take responsibility for their own learning.


Our Middle School curriculum is designed to offer holistic education focusing on independence, collaboration and responsibility. At this level, we encourage students to be reflective learners and critical thinkers. The weightage given at this level is on being visually creative and enterprising, developing the right study habits, acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge and learning to question and evaluate evidence. We aim to promote the holistic view of learning, thereby helping students to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. We also follow an experiential approach to make the educational environment student centered. The curriculum is research-oriented and based on teamwork. It is planned with the aim of providing a broad, balanced and relevant course of study for all the students. Set in the context of the CBSE curriculum, it promotes students’ moral, cultural, social, and physicall development, thus preparing them to be responsible global citizens.

Admission 2024-25